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    Kitchen 7

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    Kitchen 6

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    Kitchen 5

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    Radiant Panel Heating

    We recommend the installation of radiant panels when floor renovation is not desired, or to complete an existing system in a defined area, such as an auxiliary heating system in bathroom with a tempered floor system, with the possibility to use it as a towel dryer. Unique Reforms SL offer radiant heating panels to suit any room, […]

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    Underfloor Heating

    Underfloor heating is the heating system par excellence. It provides a smooth and pleasant heat and it is energetically efficient. It is aesthetically friendly as it is totally invisible, leaving the walls free to furnish and decorate each room without any limitation. It is suitable for both new construction and renovation. It is widely used […]

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    Kitchen 4

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    Kitchen 3

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    Kitchen 2

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    Kitchen 1